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Miyu G+ Updates (5/16-5/18)

Takeuchi Miyu - Shared publicly - May 16, 2013

When the recording finished I got inside the bus

and since there were some people already inside
I apologized for keeping them waiting

and then when I saw their faces…

they were dolls.

Yes, Ricchan’s Haste-san and Waste-san.

It was so surprsing ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

and btw, this is my first update in 4 days
I’m sorry (´・_・`)

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Takeuchi Miyu - Shared publicly - May 17, 2013

And they were here again.

Seem like they’ve been here since yesterday.
Ah, Ricchan is here too.

Good morning.

Takeuchi Miyu - Shared publicly - May 18, 2013

Ehehehe (((o(゚▽゚)o)))!

Finally, finally, finally…
Gets~ (;_;)☆

A present for myself!

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Miyu’s profile from this year’s election book.

Miyu’s profile from this year’s election book.

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Miyu G+ (2013/5/12)

Takeuchi Miyu - Shared publicly  -  May 12, 2013

The answer from yesterday was
Left: Me
Right: Miorin ♪

Yesterday our clothes coincidentally were really similar!
It was like if we were sisters (。-_-。)

It would be nice if we could do this again someday ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Miyu Twitter updates (5/12~5/15)

- 5/12 -

Miyu: “Today’s lunch is a Hiyashi set meal from the Miyazaki perfecture ♪ pic.twitter.com/2bQwtBavbC" (3:58 PM)

Nyan: "The real Moon is this one \(//∇//)\  http://p.twipple.jp/KzkC6 ” (1:14 PM) (( she tweeted the wrong picture before lol ))

Miyu: “I just came back home. Today is Mother’s Day. To thank mom for all her she does for me every day I gave her an air cleaner as present ♪ pic.twitter.com/VX70YXQCH" (5:34 PM)

Miyu: “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  (7:02 PM) (( she tweeted this in english ))

Miyu: “Your destiny gets decided by each of your decisions”. It’s a phrase from Anthony Robbins-san ☆” (7:08 PM)

Kaoru: “The last time Mom sent me to work with her car and I said I forgot my mirror, she went and pulled off the back mirror of the car and gave it to me. Every time I take the back mirror out of my bag I felt a bit embarrassed but I admire you, Mom. pic.twitter.com/4NTogWPSh6 (7:05 PM)

Miyu: “I feel asleep without noticing… This is bad bad bad” (1:38 AM)

Miyu: “I can’t sleep (-_-)” (3:33 AM)

- 5/13 -

Miyu: “Good Mornin’! Going to school now!” (7:14 AM)

Miyu: “Today it’s Team B Waiting Stage at TDC Hall♪ Let’s have fun (^-^)/” (4:26 PM)

Miyu: “Waiting Stage endedd! ParuMiyu (^-^)/♪ pic.twitter.com/qlSx7vHRkX ” (8:45 PM)

-5/14 -

Miyu: “Good Mornin’ seems like it’s going to get very hot today! I think I’ll start using the summer uniform for school from now(^-^)/” (8:09 AM)

Komari: I’m so sleeeepyyy! I’ll sleep until the class starts (*・ε・*) Wake me up ok? ←”  (9:00 AM)

Miyu: “The show is over ♪” (9:11 PM)

- 5/15 -

Miyu: “Morning ♪” (9:23 AM)

Miyu: “We will be doing a radio show recording with Wakanyan and Rena-chan now ♪” (12:36 PM)

Komari: "I’m so surprised with the popularity of Muji’s eraser!" (12:35 PM)

Miyu: “The radio drama recording it’s over! It will air on the 20th (^^) Be sure to listen ok? ♪” (4:01 PM)

Miyu: “When the recording ended, I went back to school and then went to eat at Shimokita! While going I felt tempted to get a tapioca but I was able to resist (._.) *laughs*” (11:25 PM)

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Miyu (and Miorin) G+ Updates (5/11)

Takeuchi Miyu - 12:16 PM - Public


Which is Miorin
and which is Miyu? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Ichikawa Miori - 6:58 PM (Edited) - Public

Good Morning!

and now, a question! ☆

Q. Which is Miorin and which is Miyu-chan??

Ichikawa Miori - 7:19 AM - Public

The answer to the previous post (○・∀・○)ノ

And the correct answer is….

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Miyu Twitter Updates (5/9~11)


Miyu: “Good morning. I heard some good news from an acquaintance so I’ve been feeling really happy all day so far ♪ Let’s do our best today too!” (10:20 AM)

Miyu: ”The show is over ♪ Komori-san’s graduation is sad but I’ll support her (・ω・)”

Miyu: ”Everything around me is so connected with each other that just with something not going according to my ideals I end up losing willpower…” (11:45 PM)


Miyu: ”Good morning! I woke up with muscular pain all over the body.. This could even the worst one so far (-_-) *laughs* Seems like the pain from the boxing exercises I did two days ago is still there (°_°)” (7:03 AM)


Miyu: "On the train nau. There’s a recording today♪ I’ll do my best (^-^)/" (11:41 AM)

Miyu: ”AKBINGO’s recording finished ♪ I really feel like eating some chinese food..” (6:35 PM)

Miyu: ”I gave up about chinese food and ended up eating in Yomenya Goemon for the first time in a while ♪ pic.twitter.com/GNp2T1VM9s ” (7:30 PM)

Komari: ”Thanks to everyone, I learned to Reply!” (3:18 PM)

Miyu: ”I finished eating but I’m too lazy to leave the restaurant. But If I don’t leave nothing will start *laughs* (7:53 PM)

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Miyu’s election poster.

"With all my own. With no effort, nothing will change!"

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Miyu updates 5/8 (Twitter. Mobame, G+)

[ Twitter ]

Miyu: “Good Morning. I did everything on time today ☆ Everyone let’s do our best today too!” (8:37 AM)

Miyu: “Hashire Penguin’s MV was shown on the news today right? I’m so glad! and surprised!” (4:43 PM)

Miyu: “I wanted to write “and happy!” and ended up writing “surprised” *laughs*” (4:52 PM)

Miyu: “The staff from the cafeteria I always go are starting to remember me ♪ They also remember what I usually order too ♡” (5:17 PM)

Miyu: “After seeing this picture from the Udon house I love so much I started to feel hungry. I feel like, eating…” (12:47 AM)

[ Mobame ] *This is actually from yesterday.

One-way direction
(2013/05/07 9:32 PM)

I rented all of Shimizu Shota’s albums.
I want to sing so much…
When I finish homework I’ll go.
It looks like it says “Karaage” right?! (laughs)
To the hungry me it sure looked like it says “Karaage”

I’m planning to go shopping tomorrow so
I’ll sign as much as I can to make up for tomorrow too!
Oh! one of my favorite songs is playing now.

Until the next time.

[ G+ ]

Takeuchi Miyu - 6:03 PM  -  Public

Hashire! Penguin
Seem like they showed it on the morning news

I’m so happy ( ´▽`)☆
My friends from school told me they saw it too ♪

I took a picture from the phone for the first time in a while (^-^)/


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